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Parrots and Pals
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 hello newbie here

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PostSubject: hello newbie here   hello newbie here Orange21314th February 2013, 11:46 pm

hi guys,
thought i would introduce myself to you all and say HI Very Happy My name is traci i am 35 and have had my african grey ALBERT for 4 months now , he is 3 years young and he is mummys baby Smile i work full time so he home alone all day with either the radio or the television on cbeebies i hate the situation but i try my best to make sure he has forging toys and audio sounds around him.

he comes out of his cage most evenings and weekends and will happily sit on his free standing prech, although he tend to fly to me every time i enter the room, he has bonded only with myself really other members of the family he tends to fluff up at!!
he is a super talker but will often scream at our meal time to eat with us.
i am a novice so any help, info and tips would be very welcome please
he is on harrison h/p course feed
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PostSubject: Re: hello newbie here   hello newbie here Orange2134th March 2013, 10:52 am

hi traci,welcome to you and albert. given time he will get used to all of you. i have a grey jasper and it does take her ages to get to like new people. even now she will only tolerate my partner,sit with him for a while and if he's lucky he'll get the occasional tickle Smile

is albert in the same room as you when you eat? you are his flock now and he's calling as he wants to be with you,including meal times. if you're cooking veggies or pasta say,could you put a portion out for albert in his bowl,and maybe wheel his cage into where you eat,just so he can see where you are? i think he just needs to see where you are as he can hear you but not see you if that makes sense Smile
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hello newbie here
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