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Parrots and Pals
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 Nasty Ringneck

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PostSubject: Nasty Ringneck   Nasty Ringneck Orange2137th September 2012, 9:38 am

Hi, My son was given a " baby indian ringneck " for a xmas present by his partner, they have seperated and he has brought it home with him. It was suposed to be 5 months old when he was purchased and hand reared but my son has never been able to handle it without being bitten to pieces and to get him out of his cage to clean is a marathon in itself. Even when we walk by his cage he freaks out and moves as far from us as he can. When we had had him for about 4 months he moulted and his ring appeared round his neck ( I keep saying he/him but we do not know the sex). He is a very attractive bird but my son would love to be able to handle him and let him out occasionally. I would be greatful for any advice or help as his behaviour is driving us all mad with his constant squealing. he is just like a wild bird that has been captured.Any ideas please.
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PostSubject: Re: Nasty Ringneck   Nasty Ringneck Orange2139th September 2012, 9:35 am

hello and welcome konnor

i would say he's older if he has now got a ring around his neck,can i ask where you bought him from as a friend of mine bought one of these beautiful birds a few years ago,from an ad in a paper,this mad just brought the bird in a van,bear in mind she didnt know any better back then,but now thinks he was a wild caught bird Sad

her bird has since gone to live with another in an aviary,which was best suited to him. if he's out of the cage does he try and attack you or your son or will he just keep away as if he's scared? you've probably tried lots of things,but how about tempting him with a treat? he may need more time to settle down,do you have any other pets that might bother him?
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Nasty Ringneck
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