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PostSubject: Unbelievable!   Unbelievable! Orange21328th January 2012, 7:12 am

I am so amazed at Einstein, this parrot keeping business is so much more than I imagined it could be.
I am shocked as to how tame Einstein is, and not phased by anything yet.

I have had rabbits and guinea pigs in the the past that have not been as tame, stuck for words it's just great
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PostSubject: Re: Unbelievable!   Unbelievable! Orange21329th January 2012, 2:57 am

Very Happy glad you're enjoying life with einstein. i was also quite surprised when we brought jasper home. i don't like to compare as it doesn't seem fair but,before jasper we had an amazon who wasn't quite so tame,didn't know how to play and spoke very little. don't get me wrong he was a beautiful little bird and i miss him very much,but jasper is so different,more intune with everything around him,there's never a dull moment bounce
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